On September 8,  2016, the final ROBO-SPECT workshop  took place in Athens (Greece) co-organized by ICCS and AIRBUS Defense and Space. Participants had the chance to learn more about the project results and discover the latest innovations in the fields of computer vision, ultra-sonic sensing and applied robotics, integrated in a user- friendly system. Specifically, the Workshop was structured in four complementary sessions, during which the following topics were addressed and discussed by known experts in the area:

  • The state of the art in the field of applied robotics‎;
  • The ROBO-SPECT outcomes and trial findings;
  •  The progress being made in various other European projects towards the robotic inspection‎ of industrial plants and critical infrastructures, based on aerial and terrestrial robots;
  • End-user round table discussion on transportation tunnel structural inspection and assessment.

The event was attended by 50 participants and was an invaluable opportunity for fruitful exchanges‎ between research, industry, respective suppliers and solution providers, as well as end-users, in order to identify the next axes of development and the most effective solutions for industrialization.  

At the first session of the workshop (“Robotics and Automation in Transportation Tunnels Inspection and Assessment”), two keynote speeches were presented, focusing on the “Maintenance of EU civil infrastructures: Towards fully autonomous intelligent robotic systems” (Carlos Balaguer, Board of Directors, EU Robotics, Spain) and “State of Art and Future Robotic Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructures” (Thomas Bock, Professor, Technical University of Munich, Germany). This actually paved the way to the rest of the sessions that focused on the ROBO-SPECT EC Project Activities, Research Initiatives and Relevant Projects and closed with the End Users Needs and Future Challenges towards Wide Implementation.


This project is funded by the European Union